Follow me through painting a still life one tone at a time. This course will take you through a poem that teaches 6 types of light. Many of us get bogged down in detail and miss the big picture. You will learn tips and tricks on how to build form shadows, cast shadows, highlight, reflected light and more. Turning the most difficult detail simple by following these steps.

This workshop is designed to paint along and will take half a day to complete or take an hour to watch through in a sitting. Downloadable resource material and materials list are included. ( a basis set of pastels and pastel paper will be required if you want to paint along)

Hi, I’m Tricia Taylor.

After teaching for many years a very common problem kept arising. Students found it difficult to see past the detail and would get frustrated very quickly or spend hours upon hours perfecting the detail and find it was not working. The desire to be painterly was increasingly common. So this poem "One Tone at a Time" was born. I have broken down the complexity of light into 5 steps; Form shadow, cast shadow, highlight, reflected light and contrast. Each one having its own job it creating the illusion of reality in a painting. I hope the poem helps you to simplify the complex and enjoy your painting.