Want to loosen up and find a quick way to create great movement in water? Watch this 20 minute video on how to underpaint your seascapes with watercolour. These two mediums together create a beautiful harmony and clarity to seascapes and is one of my favourite ways to paint. I hope it inspires you to loosen up and find a simple process to create quick results.

Splash and Dash Demonstration

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Hi, I’m Tricia Taylor

Pastels are my joy. Becoming a master pastellist in 2011, I have extensive experience in the pastel medium. Teaching for over 20 years I love to share tips and tricks to help students find potential in their art especially in finding a passion for pastel. I hope you find these demos helpful in your art journey.

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Simply Waves

Another video in this 4 part series on painting seascapes. Capturing the roll and white water that is not white. Perfect for beginners.

Waves and Rocks

A more in-depth look at painting a shoreline with the complications of rocks and swirling water. This 1 hour demonstration will take you step by step into how I paint seascapes. For those wanting to tackle a difficult subject and see how to make it simple.

Wet Sand

A complex area to paint but with this demonstration I will show how to break it up into layers and make it simple.