Painting waves in pastel can seem daunting. Especially when you add rocks. I will take you through my method of planning and thinking as I paint. Using simple theory of colour and light I will show you how to create movement and lift in a wave. then how it falls and swirls around a rocky shoreline.

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  This Video takes your through painting Waves and Rocks on a shoreline
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Hi, I’m Tricia Taylor

I have been teaching pastels for a long time and love the ocean. Helping students get the feel of the water and how to get movement in their work is my goal. With hints and tips along the way I hope it helps you in your painting.

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Simple Waves

Another video in this series. Finding how to create lift and movement in a simple wave.

Shallow Water and Wet Sand.

A complex area to paint but with this demonstration I will show how to break it up into layers and make it simple.

Watercolour Underpainting.

Now for some fun. A splash and dash demo of how underpainting can speed up your work and help make your waves glow.